Date: 10 July, 2007

Subject:  Sen. (R) David Vitter, Louisiana

Title:  A fine specimen of a republican family values type of Man!

"Senator David Vitter for Senate; at prostituition prices"

"Tim when do the D.C. hookers get here?" "Yes, I love my hookers and they have arrived" "Oh boy.... the hookers are here!"

Dear SAHBA members and republicans alike:

Please, may I ask for a favor?  Could the republicans of this corrupted country, especially Arizona, please stop phucking up or down, or whatever direction these days that they are having sex with D.C. hookers, in order to give me a phucking break from writing so much about the Bush and his corrupted republican administration supporters.  And to think, the republican Party exposes themselves as the Party of family values.  You have become the Party of liars, cheaters, and stealers whose main goal in life is to pilfer from the American middle class. 

Please SAHBA, you must be shitting me, the American people, and even your God again with your professions of honesty.

It is obvious that it could be Tucson, Arizona, Washington DC, or New Orleans Louisiana; it doesn’t matter, the results are the same.  Republicans like you who permeate SAHBA are nothing but moral hypocritical douche bags, who profess to yourselves and everyone else what fine outstanding Christians that you are, while you just happen to lie, cheat, steal and even phuck their neighbor for the fun of it.

David Vitter, a republican Louisiana Senator was exposed including the use of his overworked penis, yesterday on national and local media outlets across the country.  To some, it was such a shock to see the bedrock principles of republican family values bullshit crumble under the weight of this man’s character.  I was not surprised.  A majority of republican politicians along with their constituents believe in lying, cheating and stealing from the American people.  As to be expected, Sen. Vitter was nowhere to be found Washington D.C., this past week; surprise!  The bunker mentality of Bush and the republicans that support him republicans during these times of your country’s republican implosion, is nothing but breathtaking. 

Senator Vitter, by the by the nature of his sexual outing, is now among the illustrious list of republican hypocrites that include Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Pastor Ted Haggard.....etc., that chastise other Americans about their characters and sexual preference, but have been screwing other women, men and prostitutes on the side with wild abandon. 

Mr. Vitter received his start in the House of Representatives in 1999, because of Rep. (R) Bob Livingston, LA, was forced to resign after admitting the truth about his previous adulterous behavior.  This was also the very same time that Speaker of the House, Rep. (R) Newt Gingrich, was believed to be porking the hell out of a congressional aide, and discussing divorce options, while his wife was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery.  Gingrich was a major proponent during the impeachment of President Clinton. 
Maybe these republican politicians were just being good compassionate conservatives, who were only concentrating on helping out another fellow conservative in bed.  What phucking hypocrites!

What makes this issue all so laughable is that Mr. Vitter was an adamant and vocal opponent of President Clinton’s sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky who had demanded that Mr. Clinton should resign or be impeached since he didn’t posses the moral character to lead this nation.  So what do you think the chances are that this professed Roman Catholic choir boy of moral integrity, Senator Vitter will step down and resign his seat in the Senate?  Why do republicans always seem to have a separate set of standards to judge themselves by?  Why are Catholics so God damn sanctimonious concerning others, when they can’t even make the grade themselves?

Senator Vitter during his election to the Senate in 2004 was asked during the campaign about the allegations of his visits to the Canal Street brothel in New Orleans, but candidate Vitter, vigorously denied the accusation.  If the truth about Mr. Vitter had been known, he would have never been elected to the Senate.  What if the Louisiana voter knew that Wendy Cortez was Vitter’s favorite hooker of choice when he was in town; would they still have voted for this characterless man?

And it is an interesting fact that although his favorite hooker was named Wendy, his wife in real life is also named Wendy.  In an interview in 2000, Mrs. Vitter was asked how she would deal with adultery in her marriage.  Mrs. Vitter responded that she would be more like Elena Bobbitt, than Hillary Clinton in dealing with the matter.  Ouch!  I wonder if Senator Vitter winced when he heard his wife utter that proclamation.

A marriage is a promise between two people to stay faithful to each other until death do you part.  Adultery is nothing more than a lie to the promise of fidelity.  I believe if a man will cheat on his wife, then this same man will lie, cheat and steal from anyone.  I believe someone with moral character is a must for a politician to attempt to do an honest job for his constituents, without selling out to special interest.  Was convicted Representative, Duke Cunningham (R) CA, a trustworthy man with his wife and defense contract bribery schemes?  Do you really think George W. Bush is a trustworthy individual?  Would Bush ever deceive or lie to you?  Some of you just love to be lied to.

So from all of this we can deduce that Sen. Vitter is an adulterer and a liar.  I would not trust this man as far as I could throw him. And because of Senator Vitter’s behavior, he has forced his wife Wendy to become a penis chopper by default.  If the standard that he judged President Clinton by was used, then Senator Vitter also does not possess the moral character to represent the constituents of Louisiana.  Isn’t what is good for the goose, good for the gander?  Senator Vitter should resign out of shame for the deception that he parlayed before the people of his state and besides, he probably doesn’t have a penis anymore if his wife is true to her word. Maybe there are two liars in the Vitter family.

Ah...... the Bible says that those of you that have not sinned cast the first stone.  I think that line from Jesus was meant for republicans of America and especially for the lying, cheating and stealing members of SAHBA.


“The Arizona Refugee”

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