February 20, 2007

Subject:  Tiger Woods, golf, republicans, outsourcing and race

Title:  The Accenture Match Play games for millionaires

Dear SAHBA, members and republican golf gurus/nuts:

On Wednesday February 21, your Messiah for the republican religion of golf for CEO’s, your poster boy for Nike prostitution, and your purveyor of the American Idol for wealth syndrome, Tiger Woods, will finally grace you with his affluent presence and viewing pleasure, at the Accenture Match Play at the Gallery golf course, in Marana, Arizona. 

Accenture and Mr. Woods will grant you this wish of viewing opportunity as long as you are willing to shell out the significant fee of fifty bucks a person for the privilege of viewing this spectacle, as if one was afflicted with comatose brain viewing instincts for the walking dead, all for the passive participation of a questionable sport.  So what is next? Can we plan on fifty bucks a person to watch rehab combat chess at Canyon Ranch or second by second saguaro cactus arm growth on Speedway Boulevard; one of the ugliest streets in America?

God, can the Rapture be far that far away if Tiger Woods has now decided to even come to Southern Arizona?  I question which institution, Tiger Woods or golf, can be considered the reincarnation of the desperate house husband syndrome, and all for the art of public appearance?

Did I hear that Rep. Jonathan Patton (R), a lobbyist turned politician for SAHBA and the building industry, was coming back to town this week?  Oh well, another corporate prostituting whore willing to disgrace the fairways at the Dove Mountain development with his “sold out” presence. I wonder how many people that Rep. Patton had to do extreme fighting upon (torture) while he photo opted in Iraq.  Surely Rep. Patton has pictures for his next re-election bid to exploit for his personal gain.  And remember Rep. Patton, it is not really torture unless there is organ failure or the person dies, but it is still okay to do just a little torture. Isn’t that UC Berkley law professor John Yoo, just a little brilliant, or do all lawyers just suck? 

It has been reported that the Dove Mountain housing development, where the Gallery golf course is located, is the residence of many countless wealthy republicans, whose life’s ambition during this stage in their lives, is to just get out of bed in the morning and defecate into the proper fixture, excluding the coffee maker and the kitty’s litter box of course, and accomplishing this feat, all before 12:00 AM. 

The over the counter sales of Geritol and Exlax have been reported to be very healthy in the development by corporate lobbyist pimps that have asked to remain anonymous.  Exlax executives have reported that the company is currently in the secret development phase for designing a mobile porta- john that will be built right into the seats of custom golf carts for the wealthy republican guy that has everything and is just too lazy to get off his fat ass and have a normal bowel movement, like the rest of us. The item’s name has been copy protected and is rumored by industry analyst to be the alluring acronym, TLAES, which stands for The Lazy Ass Exlax-Shitter.  The best part of this new project is that toilet paper will not be wanted or needed.  Exlax official said they are trying to go for that more natural, manly after feeling that most republicans want to feel like; a wet asshole.   

And while the wealthy and ignorant among you decide to stroll the fairways of the Gallery Country Club and sponsor its profession of white privilege, who among you will even acknowledge the U. S. servicemen and Iraqi civilians that will be asked by you and your president to gives their lives this weekend in Baghdad as a result of your republican support for the American imperial invasion of Iraq?  How do ask someone to give their life so that you, the American consumer can drive your huge SUV home in economic splendor and spend money on golfing events that mean absolutely nothing for society, other than small talk about a small subject that is recited by small men of little character?

How many of you will even generate a fraction of sweat on the golf course fairway side lines versus the amount of blood that will be spilled on these days for your wanton needs of sport, pleasures of fantasy, and all important ego?  Will the blood that is shed for you on these days be enough to pay for the oil that this country helps extort for you?  Will the bloodshed even be enough of a benefit for you to drive your SUV’s home in arrogant and ignorant bliss? 

Does the game of golf make you feel alive with the thoughts of competition and wagers?  Does your fat ass still fall asleep when you are sand wedged in position on your custom toilet?  Does you head fall asleep when you are constipated on the fairways or is just a normal activity for men like you to be asleep and not think about your fellow American?  When did your hearts grow so cold; was it such a long time ago?

Hey, what about Osama Bin Laden?  Does Osama play golf daily along the Pakistani/ Afghanistan border these days?  Can Osama Bin Laden play in your Accenture match play golfing outing if he shoots a low enough score?  Isn’t the lowest score for an individual all that matters to you people?  Oh, I forgot, match play is by invitation only, mostly white people, and only available to the lowest scoring elitist golfing hacks that promise to support corporate America in exchange for personal profit while benefiting from the pain of others.

Will you decide to clap your hands in inspirational approval for another birdie putt at the exact time a youthful serviceman is blown to shreds by an IED in Baghdad?  Will you even notice the mounting death toll that will be published on Sunday morning during ABC’s George Stephanopoulos news show, that’s is presented as his “In Memoriam” segment?  Maybe some of you will choose instead to watch the golf channel or maybe the self serving, holier than thou among you will pretend to watch the Sunday sermon serpents, who beg not for God’s forgiveness, but rather for the almighty dollar.

Why bother with insignificant human details of death and destruction when golf’s glorious and corporate sponsored drama is being played right before your very lying eyes?  Compassion and caring in this day of corporate controlled government and America is something that is definitely not wanted during this constitutionally peculiar moment in time.

As our fore fathers have said an educated public is the best defense against tyranny.  We are a very un-educated nation of voters at best.  Did you here the latest tidbit about the Anna Nicole Smith saga or Simon Cowell’s comment on American Idol?  I know what you did with your mind last night; you drenched it in the television gutter of ignorance?

But enough of this moral examination of human ignorance and military carnage that you have so silently approved of, but instead, let us only think about Tiger Woods and the corporate beauty of professional golf and numerous millionaire’s of wealth that play and watch this game of privilege in the Tucson area this week.    

But does his highness, Tiger Woods come to Tucson under false pretenses?  Why would Woods ever come to Tucson when affluent Scottsdale, Arizona is just up the old stagecoach ridden road?  Anyways,  hurry, hurry, hurry, you have such a limited chance at purchasing tickets if you can get one at all before the rich white people in Tucson like Jim Click and Lute Olson and his wife Christine gobble up and hoard the tickets like over weight pregnant squirrels gathering nuts for a long New England winter.

Mr. Woods decided out of the blue to attend the Tucson affair and not participate in the Rivera, Los Angeles, Nissan Open, which his home town event series this past week, since he is in the hot financial pursuit of a potential record setting streak achievement.  It must be a complete coincidence that Woods who has played nine times at the Nissan Open, and who has never won there, decided to choose a new venue (Tucson) to help achieve his streak rather than attempting certain mental failure at the Rivera, Nissan tournament.  Cherry picking has never been so in vogue since Dick Cheney and Douglas Feith’s rush to war in Iraq with Monopoly money, manufactured intelligence. 

Tiger Woods cannot seem to win at his home event, the Nissan Open and this fact jepordizes his current publicized streak.  It is time for Tiger Woods to provide his own deck of republican playing cards in order to stack the deck for his own personal favor.  Republicans always seem to succumb to these character deficiencies, especially when money and ego are the main ingredients of a mirror reflecting calculus of a morally deficient equation. 

During these trying, and oh so very difficult circumstances of deceit, truth is never considered a necessity, but silence and secrecy of purpose are always appreciated by the persons that insist on such deceptions.

And it is always so nice to see a player stack the deck in his favor like Tiger Woods or even an athlete like Barry Bonds whose pursuit of Hank Aaron’s home run record with copious amounts of illegal steroids will never be in question, in my mind.  People who lie, cheat or steal are never to be counted when tabulating accolades for human achievement or endeavors. Barry Bonds, just another soul less republican, doing whatever he has do to do to achieve money, fortune and fame, through whatever illegal and immoral means it may take to accomplish his objective.

Future records for Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds and others like them are to be manipulated for public perception and pleasure, rather than achieving statistics on their own random merit.  Maybe at the next national spelling bee contest, the contestants can ask to hear and see the words and their correct spelling before they are officially asked to spell them for the record. 

SAHBA, being a republican majority based Super Pac, will be sure to have some of its wealthier members watching wealthy men hit a little white ball around the desert country side, avoiding the snakes and coyotes as the animals and reptiles dash for cover from the republican golfing outing assault.  Unfortunately, most of the peon SAHBA members will not be attending the festivities since the wealthier members of SAHBA, the Jim Clicks and Don Diamonds of Tucson will be buying and hoarding up the limited tickets that are always readily available to the economic elite.

I wonder if any of the countless illegal workers for companies that belong to SAHBA will be in attendance.   Oh, silly me, I forgot that Mexican, Chinese, Black and any other minorities are probably forbidden to step foot on the manicured fairways of the Accenture outing by official decree for fear of giving golf an image and measure of public diversity.

Can the republican adopted game of golf really be considered a sport or is it just a leisure pursuit for the rich?  I thought one should have to at least run a few steps or break a sweat to be considered a sport?  Is NASCAR really a sport or is the art of drinking alcoholic beverages and watching circular racing automobiles, solely considered entertainment? 

It is quite odd that the republican Party, who is the political party that supports and spreads the message of hate and racism, back since the Nixon Southern Strategy days, is so excited about the arrival of a single golfer.  I bet that SAHBA republicans don’t even realize that Tiger Woods is black.  Did they also forget that Woods is married to a blonde, Caucasian, Swedish, ex- model?  I never knew that republicans could be so tolerant of race, inter racial marriage and diversity in general.   If Tiger Woods was proven to be bi-sexual, would Tucson republicans be as progressive and as much into golf hero worshipping, if he was to be seen in a ray of homo-sexual light?

When does compassion finally end and hypocrisy begin to start for you people?

Republican values at their very best, are always so hard at work for the promotion of double standards that are in favor of the wealthy.  Surely the republicans, the Party of death and destruction, the Party of war and hate and the Party that is the purveyor of racism and bigotry, have made an exemption for Mr. Woods to play their little white ball game of miniature lawn billiards, amongst the elite of golf and Tucson republican society.

Maybe white people really are color blind when it comes to their anointed game and copious amounts of money are involved?  What if Tiger Woods was of Arab descent and had an Arab name, would he be accorded the same reverence and respect as his current day republican holiness image propagates?  What if Tiger Woods had tattoos and was an accomplished rapper, would the white establishment still embrace his achieved, robotic skill?  How would republicans act if Tiger Woods was dating and having unmarried sex with a white girl?  Maybe some of you pious and holy spirited people among you should ask Tiger Woods if he has indeed ever had unmarried sex with a white woman?  I am sure all good hearted, Christian evangelical republicans would like to preside as judge and jury over that issue.

How about a “four” for morals, anyone

It wasn’t too long ago that a young black man like Woods would have possibly been lynched for setting foot on a southern or southwestern state golf course, let alone also being married to a white woman, versus the present day adulation that the public bestows upon a rich black man like himself. 

The American public has always been so enamored by wealth and power.  Race, money and great wealth are indeed color blind in the corrupted red state of Arizona when profit is involved as the main motivator of materialistic men!

I will never understand the intensity that aging republican, balding white WASP and little republican jewish lawyers who grant their addictions to a game that involves hitting a small ball around the country side and then putting it into the smallest of mole hole drilled out black holes.  There must be a metaphor for the black holes, golfing and republican morality!  Were the Scottish boys drunk when they invented this game?  That would explain quite a lot. 

Do the men that take up this game do it because they never played a sport in their life when they were young boys?  Do little bald jewish republican lawyers like Dennis Rosen love this game because it is the first “sport” that they were able to play without getting their ass beaten and whooped in any other sport?  Why do republicans in general seem to gravitate toward this game?  Could it be that the game involves lying, cheating and stealing when having to report their score cards to their golfing partners? Or does it have to do with the fact that they are rewarded for least amount of strokes to put a ball in a black hole; just like their business ethics dictate?

To the lucky few that get a glimpse of “his majesty” before he takes off again in his personal corporate jet to his red state of Florida, remember that Tiger Woods is no friend of the common man.  Why do you think Woods lives in Florida; could it be for state tax avoidance purposes just like Accenture does offshore tax avoidance in Bermuda?  How patriotic is that when we have wars that the republican Party has started and have not been paid before.  Shouldn’t all republicans and especially wealthy republicans have to pay extra for the wars that they insist should be started and maintained? 

Tiger Woods has been one of the first poster boys for the promotion of outsourcing American jobs oversees.  The Accenture Corporation has paid Mr. Woods millions of dollars to promote one of their company’s main objectives which encourage other companies to outsource jobs to Third World countries.  There is something truly despicable about a person that willingly profits from another man’s loss and pain.

Arizona and especially Tucson specialize in this morally repugnant and decrepit style of behavior.  It must be the intense heat from the sun that melts the republican’s morals to mush!

The wonderfully profitable and off the backs of the employees corporation, Accenture, was formed as a spin off from the accounting firm Arthur Anderson.  Accenture changed its name from Anderson Consulting just before the financial collapse of Enron and the demise of Arthur Anderson accounting fraud scandal.  Accenture rose from the pre accounting fraud ashes to once again screw the American worker and public.  Such a fine American company that uses an off shore tax havens in Bermuda to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  Such a fine company that is based in America, which does not pay its fair share of taxes but insist on all applicable U.S. protections.  I hope Tiger Woods is so proud to be associated with such a fine company like Accenture and that he realizes that the millions that has made from this company has been derived from the backs of others. 

Tiger Woods is truly such a good, patriotic republican.  I wonder if Tiger Woods realizes that he can sign up for the Marines or the Army up to the age of 42 years old, and still get his time in Iraq.  Come on Tiger Woods, the media says that you are such a tough person, lets show your patriotism and toughness as a republican approving war monger by serving your country in Iraq.   Everyone that still approves of this war should send themselves and their sons and daughters to participate in this sorry ass quagmire that they have voted for by electing a frat boy President and a rubber stamp, brain dead Congress that do not deserve the privilege of such a vote. 

The 2008 elections will be a republican bloodshed that will make the 2006 mid term elections look like a kindergarten political picnic party.  It will be time to pay the piper for you political sins except the state of Arizona.  The state of Arizona and its electorate especially in the Scottsdale area are collectively too stupid to vote the correct way for the good of the country.  Just look how they voted back in the right wing neocon hack, John Kyl, to another six year term of political corruption.  

I wonder if Woods would consider having a Nike swoosh and Accenture logo tattooed on his forehead and both of his buttocks, just like Lute Olson desires for the money, in order to show complete allegiance and loyalty to a segment of corporate America.  Maybe we can all just have the Nike swoosh embroidered on us at birth for a nominal advertising fee?  If there is a God, he or she will not allow a multi-millionaire, corporate promoting human hack like Tiger Woods to win this golf outing in order to prevent this wealthy insensitive robot from promoting his personal streak.

So SAHBA members, please enjoy your republican “sport” of golf this weekend.  Please revel in your worship of the corporate creation of Tiger Woods Inc. and the promotional outsourcing that Accenture promotes.  Just remember, that golf is a republican game and republicans are ingrained in the concepts of lying, cheating and stealing from their fellow man.  Why just ask yourself why SAHBA promotes and supports, builders like McCreary Homes who lie, cheat and steal from their customers as if it was the number one reason listed as corporate policy.

You, Tiger Woods, SAHBA and especially the people of McCreary Homes are all so ugly inside as examples of human beings that might possess an ounce of compassion!  Continue to enjoy your unrelenting lying, cheating, stealing and political support of death and destruction in Iraq!

I bet as people die in the American caused civil war of Iraq tonight, Tiger Woods and many other republicans will sleep like babies tonight.  Souls that are so hollow never choose to feel the pain and suffering of others.

Characterless characters that possess great wealth also possess privileges that they do not deserve!  One thing can be assured; your God will one day demand a day of reckoning for the sins that you commit against your fellow man.

Enjoy your lives as your God sees fit to give you. 


“The Arizona Refugee”

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