May 4, 08

Subject:  First Amendment Rights

Title:  Frank Zappa was an American Patriot and Hero of Free Speech

SAHBA's and Tucson's "real estate professionals" new motto should read:  "We're Only in it for the Money."



Dear SAHBA members,

There are “real estate professionals” among you that are against the freedoms and civil rights that American servicemen have died to protect for over the past two hundreds and thirty years. Some among you are very afraid of free speech.   Some among you are even very disturbed by the act of peaceful protest which is a protected right under the Constitution.  There is much to protest about SAHBA, McCreary Homes, LONG Realty and their willingness to embrace defective building, fraud and corruption. 

Please view the following CNN Crossfire video interview with Frank Zappa and the issue of free speech and notice that even back in 1986;


  1. Frank Zappa was a hero of free speech
  2. Robert Novak was an evolving neocon partisan douche bag
  3. And John Lofton was a certified neocon dickhead of censorship

Let it be noted that John Lofton finally saw the light and is presently a recovering republican.  And just like alcoholism and never fully being cured of the affliction, a neocon republican can never fully recover from the moral stench of their wicked ways.



“The Arizona Refugee”

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